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Trainer Profile:

Olivia van Lierop

Enrich Yoga Founder

Olivia is a Mum of two children and understands the need to ensure a balanced lifestyle. With over 15 years experience in blending western health sciences and eastern yoga and meditation. Olvia has helps a number of families across the globe find balance and healing.

Enrich Yoga Trainer Olivia


Olivia is a Mum of 2 who has been providing holistic health and wellness for 15 years.  She adores walking amongst the native bush, swimming in the ocean and clear, icy fresh waters of New Zealand.  She loves to cook wholesome food for her family, and to travel ~ although there is less of that now with full time Motherhood filling in all the spaces.


Olivia’s studies blend western health sciences, therapeutic and sports massage and Pilates with eastern studies in yoga and ancient healing and meditation.  But by far her biggest teacher has been her journey as a Mum, which has taught her compassion and how to rebuild the body and mind from a place of exhaustion and pain, with the lack of time and energy that so many parents experience.

As a yoga teacher and therapist Olivia has worked with many families privately all over the world.

Following her travels she set up Enrich, by Olivia.  A unique blend of western and eastern therapies that teach your body how to strengthen, open and heal itself.

Olivia’s style of teaching is a holistic experience for the entire being.

With a focus on wellness, she guides you through correct and safe alignment in a fluid and dynamic flow.  Integrating breath work and subtle cues that increase our awareness of the interconnection of all living things.  Creating a sense of well-being, joy and energy.