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Trainer Profile:

Liora Pine

Flourish Wellness Founder

Liora is the Founder of Flourish Wellness NZ, mother to her two fur babies Kate and Jack and when she's not in the studio you can find her working out with friends or in her design studio.

Barre is a hybrid of ballet-inspired movements, combined with the stretch elements of yoga and the core strength of pilates. Barre classes always offer level changes that offer great stability and balance for the elderly or pregnant. We want to help you strengthen your muscles, quiet your mind, and honor your health. Because we know that if you take some time to nourish your soul with nutrition, exercise, and relationships, life just gets a little easier.


Liora is on a mission to create a community of like-minded women giving energy and confidence back into you and your business through design and wellness/health coaching.

After starting her own health journey 15 years ago, Liora now loves taking her learnings about nutrition and exercise to help others feel their best. Apart from offering Barre classes around Cambridge and Hamilton in the Waikato, Liora also is a health and wellness coach to like-minded individuals around the world.

Liora attended her first barre class in the US, where she fell in love with the workout and instant community feeling.

Liora observed how the new fitness workout rose quickly in popularity in the US, proved popular in Auckland, yet when she moved to the Waikato, she could not find a gym or class to attend herself therefore saw the opportunity to become a Barre instructor, becoming certified in May 2017.


Liora has STOTT TOTAL BARRE INSTRUCTOR FOUNDATION CERTIFICATION alongside completion in the following workshops: Modified for Pre & Post Natal, Endurance 2, Modified for Special Populations, Amplified and Creating Gret Choreography. She also has a BA in Visual Media and a BA in Graphic Design from American University in Washington, DC.

Liora’s career in the fitness industry began in 2017 after a big personal shift for her health and wellness transformation. She started Flourish in 2018 with only 3 barre classes a week alongside being a graphic designer. Since then she has shifted her main focus to be more involved in the health and fitness industry. Flourish now offers over 11 barre classes a week, all currently done by Liora herself. She has also been a guest teacher and speaker for Lululemon NZ and has been asked to speak at international events and offers private barre classes to businesses in the Waikato area.