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Trainer Profile:

Jamie-Lee Roberts

HIIT Trainer

Jamie-Lee is 27 years old and has grown up in Hamilton, New Zealand all her life.  She has a 9 year old daughter who is always her driving inspiration and is a passionate advocate for women's health and wellness.

Hey Mama Movement HIIT Trainer


Jamie-Lee loves competitive netball playing Premier level, where she enjoys the challenge both mentally and physically.  Jamie-Lee enjoys walking, and clearing her mind through meditative breathing and yoga.  Kapahaka is an important avenue that keeps her connected with her culture, her people and her history.  

Jamie-Lee is passionate about women's health and wellbeing as well as showing her daughter the longevity a lifestyle like this can bring! Jamie-Lee can’t wait to connect, sweat, encourage and see you all achieve amazing results through Hey Mama!


Jamie-Lee is a Primary trained teacher who has recently moved to high school, teaching English, Health and Physical Education.  Jamie-Lee’s passion for health and fitness began during her studying years when her daughter was around the age of one.  

Jamie-Lee tried to improve her health and fitness by following fad diets and joining in with fitness classes, circuit training and programmes at the gym.  Not only did she see minimal results, she also began to feel ashamed and uncomfortable in her own skin.  Jamie-Lee soon turned to CrossFit and a flame was ignited and she hasn’t looked back since!  Jamie-Lee has been a part of a community and has learnt the importance of and how to live a balanced lifestyle and can now share these learnings with her daughter.