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Trainer Profile:

Daz Burns

Founder and Trainer

Collective Upside started as Hey Mama Movement in 2017 after the birth of Daz’s second child. Feeling crap both physically and mentally was her new normal due to many factors including being inactive and eating terribly.  Daz eventually invited some friends to workout in her garage, after three months, six friends turned into 120 women and a big waiting list. 

A formula started to show

Fresh + Accountable + Fun + Connection + Safe led to consistent exercise which led to happy, connected, confident, healthy women both physically and mentally who were smashing goals, living better everyday and showing up to exercise even when motivation was low!  Hey Mama Movement became a catalyst for change for our women to improve their health and wellbeing and build supportive relationships.

Hey Mama Movement Trainer Daz


In her lifetime minimal people have ever said her actual name Dairne correctly, so Daz was invented by friends in High School and it stuck, much to her Mum and Dad’s dismay!

Daz’s superpower is the ability to keep saying ‘yes’ and squeezing every bit out of her day to fit more things in that might help other people, she genuinely tries to help every single person to have a better day! Other super powers include an innate ability to take things to the gutter pretty quick, laughing in inappropriate situations, being grateful daily for the little things, connecting people together and knowing lyrics for most songs in any genre!  

Daz LOVES netball and watching most sports, spending time with her family, learning new things, spending time with her epic friends, laughing, cooking any Chelsea Winter recipe, passionately lip syncing and dancing to any song that is playing, eating anything sweet and watching Ellen! 

Being dairy and gluten intolerant Daz is pretty crafty in the kitchen these days, so if you need any advice on this she has great hacks to share!


Diploma of Sport in Recreation

Bachelor of Teaching

Currently, Daz is the Director of Hey Mama Movement trading as Collective Upside and Burns Construction and Founder of Know No Bounds Charitable Trust, a Qualified Fitness Trainer, a Children's Book Author, a Qualified Early Childhood Teacher, Marriage Celebrant and in her spare time a Mother of three flippin' gorgeous young children, Wife to Chris and only child to the awesome Stan and Raewyn!

From 2017-2020 she was the Manager of the Waikato Bay of Plenty Beko Netball Team.