I want to work out with 5 friends, why can I only work out with 3 others?

Collective Upside is set up to ensure you have the best quality experience.  We have found that by having no more than 4 participants, Collective Upside users can enjoy chatting with their mates without talking over each other or feeling like you are stopping and starting a conversation.

Organising a time to work out with a small group is a lot easier than trying to organise a large group ie; over 4 people.


If I want to work out and can’t find the time to do it with my mate, can I still work out by myself on the web-app?

Yes, you can!


What countries is the Collective Upside Website available?

Collective Upside is available everywhere!


Can I use Collective Upside when I travel?

You sure can! Just log on to the Collective Upside website wherever you are!


Who are the instructors in the videos? 

View our workouts page to see the different instructors we have.


Can I try it out before I purchase a subscription?

Collective Upside gives you a free 2 week trial!  This will be given when you sign up to a monthly or yearly subscription which can then be canceled if you find it’s not for you.  This will be hard to believe though!


What are the Collective Upside subscription options?

You can purchase a Collective Upside subscription on a monthly or yearly basis.


What workouts are included in my subscription?

Collective Upside is designed to be fun, flexible, and fresh each week with workouts made available by our very own instructors.


What do I need to wear?

Whatever you want lady! The only people who are going to see you are your mates so does it really matter?! Collective Upside is about cheering each other on, so zero judgment on the baby spill, coffee stain, or crazy hair!


What equipment do I need?

None.  All of our workouts are designed for you to enjoy wherever, whenever.  There are options for you to use dumbbells if you have them.  If you have a mat for the floor exercises that is awesome, if not just improvise ie, grab a towel or a sheet.


How do I cancel my subscription?

If you are wanting to cancel your Collective Upside subscription, you will need to give us at least 2 working days notice before the start of your next billing period, otherwise, you will be charged for the next billing period.  This can be done through the Collective Upside website.


Am I eligible for the 2 week trial?

If you have never had the awesome experience of using Collective Upside, you are eligible for a 2 week trial when you sign up (unless you have signed up for a discounted subscription special which has this built-in)!


Do I have to sign up with a contract? 

No you don’t!  You can cancel any time as long as you give us the required notice.


What if I cancel before my next billing period?

Are you sure you want to cancel? If you really do and you cancel before your next billing period roles over, you will have access to your account until the rollover date.


How do I change my password?

You can do this by clicking “edit profile” and then “edit payment details” in the web-app


How do I update my billing information?

You can do this by clicking “edit profile” and then “edit payment details” in the web-app


Can I view my payment history?

Yes in the “edit payment details” tab


When will my auto-renew go through?

It will go through weekly or yearly on the same date your first payment went through.


My credit card is being declined.  Why is that?

Many credit/debit cards have online purchase restrictions. If your card is being declined, please contact your credit card company to let them know the purchase you would like to make is valid. Also, certain credit/debit cards do not allow for recurring subscription billing, and therefore, may be denied.


Can I Chromecast or use AirPlay to pair Upside collective to my TV?

Not at the moment sorry!


Can I pair to my TV without using Chromecast or AirPlay?

You can certainly give it a go if you are able to find a screen-sharing tool that would let you do this however the best way to get a great user experience is to use our website straight from your laptop, ipad, tablet or phone.


Which browsers are suitable to use?

We recommend using Chrome, FireFox, or the latest version of Edge


Do any ads come up when using the Upside collective Web-App? 

Definitely not!  


Are there any workout stats? 

The Collective Upside website counts and lets you know how many workouts you have completed.


Is Collective Upside a mobile app?

No, but it is a website based application!  This means it works perfectly on your phone, laptop, ipad or tablet.


My browser doesn't recognise my camera or mic
If you log back into the application in chrome and then follow these steps. 
  • Open Chrome application
  • At the top right, click More Settings.
  • Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings.
  • Click Camera or Microphone.
    • Turn "Ask before accessing" on or off.
    • To remove an existing exception or permission, to the right of the site, click Delete


If you log back into the application in Safari and then follow these steps.

In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari > Settings for This Website.

The dialog that appears below the Smart Search field when you choose Safari > Settings for This Website. The dialog contains choices for customizing how you browse the current website, including using Reader view, enabling content blockers, and more.

Choose the options you want for the website (options vary by website):

  • Use Reader when available: View webpage articles without ads or other distractions.
  • Enable content blockers: Stop ads and other unwanted content from appearing.
  • Page Zoom: Make text and images easier to see.
  • Auto-Play: Choose whether the video can play automatically on the website.
  • Pop-up Windows: Choose whether the website can show pop-up windows.
  • Camera: Choose whether the website can use your camera.
  • Microphone: Choose whether the website can use your microphone.