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Tips to succeed with Collective Upside

We want to set you up to absolutely smash your wellness journey and have an epic time with your friends while you do it. 

So here are a three super simple steps from us to get you going and keep you moving forward:


Build Lasting Habits 🔨

It is a bloody long road this life of ours and we genuinely mean it when we say that most things in life are better with your friends. So our absolute number one tip is find your people, get them involved and keep each other accountable.

Other super easy ways to start your journey sustainably and keep on track are:

  • Schedule your workouts, put them in your calendar and turn up!  Consistency is key!
  • Start with 3x 30 minute workouts a week and then build up from there, make sure you have rest days booked in too.
  • Do workouts you actually like!! Don’t sign up for HIIT if you are going to have dread for it all day, anticipating enjoyment when you workout is half the battle! (If you need a place to start, check out our beginner videos to get a feel for what is right for you!)
  • Comparing your journey to other peoples is the least productive thing you can do! 

If you have just started and someone else has been doing this for a while, just focus on where you are.  You’ve started your journey and that is what you should be massively proud of and focus on.

  • Sing the Lion King and be prepared! Have your gear ready and have your own workout out space clear so you can get straight into your workout with your friends! ❤️
  • Join our Collective Upside Community page for extra support and fun!


Grab a few moments for you ⏰

The day can be upside down, messy house, children sick, running late, work was tough, rubbish weather, tired... 

The list goes on and the excuses are plentiful… 

They are all valid… 

They are all relatable and they can all be used to push exercise down the priority list…

But when you do that you are also putting yourself right down the bottom and not filling your cup. 


So go back to that list above to build your lasting habits - because there is no greater source of fuel to keep you moving forward than grabbing a few moments regularly to connect with yourself and your friends. 


Master the fundamentals 🤓

I feel like I can hear Elvis Prestley when I think of this next part “wise men say, only fools rush in”.  

But seriously, as amped and motivated as you are feeling to get started, don’t rush! 

Our specialist trainers and physiotherapist have created videos for you to learn the basic principles and techniques to support you.

Watch the explainer videos and learn about the various techniques.

We want to make sure that you avoid injuries and stay on your wellness journey. Long term.

So, take your time and make sure you tune into your body and take things at your own pace. 

Like we said above, this is your journey, don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. 

This is all you lady, with our team behind you.

Your body and mind are going to feel all kinds of wonderful if you stay consistent and keep moving. 



There is zero judgment around here and we are genuinely here to help you, we 100% have your back and want to see you fly! 


Everything we do is about connecting with and supporting each other, to make life more enjoyable, more exciting, more empowering and hopefully just a little more in sync. 


So try our tips and keep moving forward on your journey!

It’s flexible. 


Great for your soul.

Totally doable. 

Seriously good fun.  

Daz ❤️❤️