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There's no better gift in the world than a friend using their time to be a good friend  

Kia ora, Talofa lava, Mahalo, Ni Hao, Hello, Konichiwa, G-Day, Sup girl,


How are you today? 

(I actually care about the answer to this, so please take this moment to check in with yourself and wait until you get a detailed response… even if it takes some time)


Today I have been reminded of how bloody critical friendship is to living your best life.   

We get so stuck in our own bubbles right?! 

Lost in the never ending ebbs and flows of our own lives and we forget to check in with others.
Our “busyness” makes the water so murky and cloudy that we can’t see clearly. 

Forgetting just isn’t an option. 

Putting it off just isn’t an option.

That friend might desperately need you, today. 


So, get those long overdue comms up with some of your most favourite humans and tell them that though sometimes you are MIA, that you think of them often, love what they do, love who they are and bloody appreciate the fact that they chose to share their friendship with you. 

And tell them that come rain, hail or shine, you will show up for them.

Anywhere, anytime.


I genuinely don't think there is a better gift in the world than a friend using their time to be a good friend to someone else. 


But today I also want you to stand in front of the mirror to remember to be a friend to yourself, apologise to yourself for being MIA when life gets in the way of self care and remind yourself that you love you and all the things you do! 

And add a wee thought in there that you bloody appreciate yourself cos you are fricken awesome!!


Please make sure when you look in the mirror, that you see your friend staring back at you and not the Evil Queen! She is a negative bitch, who will only try to take you down and make you feel shitty! 
And today lady, and all days you need to shine and own your shit as you smash life. 


And to all my friends over the years who I have adopted as family along my journey, brothers and sisters I didn’t get to grow up with, but I will always want in my life, thank you for always being there for me, laughing and bantering with me, for understanding me, always trying to encourage and boost me. 
I bloody love every single one of you. 


And to every woman reading this, know that I see you, the juggle of life that you constantly face, the long hours, the many directions you get pulled in, the running out of energy and the running out of time feels…. And know that Hey Mama Movement is genuinely here to make your day better, so connect with your friend today, book in a workout together, fill your bucket with smiles and be kind to yourself ❤️ 


Much love, Daz

Hey Mama Movement Founder




Hey Mama Movement Trainer Daz