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The Power of Savasana

The Power of Savasana

Savasana, or corpse pose may be the biggest challenge of all, to relinquish doing and
immerse our culture in being, this is a global challenge.

As a peak pose, we work and prepare ourselves for Savasana throughout our yoga practice. On arrival we relax the body but engage the mind through various methods such as breath focus, muscle relaxation or a gentle yoga nidra, these slow down our thought patterns and foster a deeper connection to our essence. You may have heard a teacher say, “notice if thoughts come up, no judgement”. What’s the point in this you might wonder?

Usually, our mind is constantly filled with reflexive thought patterns, these often being
stories that create a disconnect from the totality of who we are. The more we think
about something, the more it strengthens that neural pathway and the stronger that story
becomes, so the act of simply noticing these thoughts in Savasana is the first step to
choosing new ones. The stage in between is a clearing of this cluttered space so that you
can feel the expansiveness within you and the freedom to be who you truly are. Ultimately
through a daily yoga practice, we rewire the brain.

For those not entirely convinced, a 2016 study (published in the U.S National Library of
Medicine (NIH)) measured the effects of mindfulness on the amygdala, the part of the
brain that stimulates fear, and the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain related to
concentration and decision making. After just 2months, the prefrontal cortex grew thicker
while the more reactive area shrank.

Mindfulness however is not easy for many of us, those with overactive minds and anxiety
find it really difficult, so that is why it is a peak pose, designed to come at the end of a yoga
practice, because mindful movement, the kind we practice when doing our morning sun
salutions, exercises the muscles we need for meditation, making it much easier to calm
our monkey minds. Just as with any difficult yoga pose, it takes practice to master, but
once there, the positive effects on your day and ultimately your life are abundant.

Globally if each of us paused our doing and instant gratification methods of watching,
eating, and consuming for just 10mins a day, how would the world change? As we saw
during the Covid 19 lockdowns, a pause in human activity has profound effects on our
But maybe the most powerful shift on our world will be the shift that begins inside each
and every one of us, as we change our thought patterns and connect to a truer sense of
who we are, we ultimately connect to a universal connection of love, love for each other
and love for our planet. There is power in that.