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Technique Talk: Squat Like a Mama! 

The squat is a movement that is the basis of so many exercises. Trying to get this movement right can be tricky. We are not small men… so don’t expect to move or squat like a bloke!

Prior to puberty girls and boys move with similar mechanics. However, after puberty it is a different story all together. Our hips widen and weight distribution changes (among many other changes) and this influences the way that we move. Then consider the changes to your body after having had babies! 

Add to that that everyone was born with different mechanics. Someone with really long legs, especially with a long femur length relative to their height, will need to use a different strategy to those with a tall torso but relatively shorter legs. 

There is no one PERFECT way to squat, but there are ways to perfect it for you – Squat like a Mama!

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart, your toes can either be facing straight ahead or slightly rotated outwards – If you imagine a clock out in front of you your right foot will be pointing somewhere between the 12-2 o’clock position – you need to feel what is most comfortable for you. 
  • The weight should be evenly felt throughout your feet and your feet need to stay in contact with the floor throughout the movement. 
  • Your knees should stay in line with your toes throughout the movement – the knees should not sag or rotate inwards
  • Bend through your hips first – stick your bottom out as if you are going to sit on a chair to start. Then bend your knees and ankles to increase the depth of the squat movement. 
  • Lean your upper body forwards slightly to help keep you balanced; you should still be reasonably upright!

- Amanda


Need a technique demo?

If you head over to the Hey Mama Movement facebook page, you can see Amanda's video demonstrating the squat technique tips above. To view, click on the link below:




Squat Like A Mama!