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Supermarket hacks to save money!

Hacks to save money on your supermarket shop!

Supermarket shopping, something that most of us have to do regularly and you either love it or hate it.  It’s also that one shopping trip that can so easily cost a lot more than you planned (or would like) if you’re not careful with your choices.    

Here are a few tips to try and help reduce the cost of your shopping whilst still ensuring you’re choosing the right options for you and your family.  


Write a list

There’s nothing worse than going to the supermarket and trying to remember what you need; you either do a really average job or end up grabbing everything, just in case you have run out at home.  

Going armed with a shopping list will ensure that those little extras don’t creep into your shopping, you get exactly what you need and you can keep the costs down.  

It also avoids those top up shops to grab a few things here and there that you forgot (do that a few times a week on top of your usual food shop and watch your bill skyrocket).  

Meal planning

This can be done in any style you like; I’ve seen people who use a note book, planner, templates off the internet, a blackboard in the kitchen and so many more.  

I tend to make a rough plan (often in my head) based on what we may have in the pantry, fridge, freezer and go from there.  

The majority of our major supermarkets have online shopping and even if you prefer to visit the store you can always check prices out before you head to the supermarket to see what’s on special so you can look to plan your meals around that.  

Buy in season

This is one I can’t stress enough; your shopping bill is going to skyrocket if you’re trying to buy produce out of season.  

Simple as that!

It’s also perfectly fine to buy frozen or canned foods which can help to keep the costs down (ensure you check the labels to see other ingredients, especially with canned products).     

Shop around (if you can)

You may find that a fruit and vegetable store or butcher (or famers markets) are better priced than the supermarket.  

If you have the time and do want to find that extra bargain this can be a great option.  

I totally get it if you don’t have the time and find a one stop shop at the supermarket a whole lot easier.  

Online shopping

In today’s world, everything is online, and as well as being convenient I also find this one of my best ways to save money.  

You have a running total as you’re doing your shopping, you can check for exactly what you need and bonus is you can sit on the couch in your pyjamas without having to leave home!  

Buy supermarket own brands

These used to be thought of as a less nutritious food but some are just as tasty and just as good for us as the more well-known brands but at a much better price.


Hopefully, this helps you to save a few extra dollars each week on your shopping and with the money saved you may be able to treat yourself on something special, you deserve it 😊