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My Journey with Endometriosis 💛

My three beautiful babies.

They have taken quite a lot of blame for my ‘downstairs’ issues over the years. 

My first son’s birth was all kinds of traumatic. 

L-O-N-G labour!

Epidural didn’t work.

Multiple bolus didn’t work.

Readjusting the epidural placement didn’t work.

Stressed baby.

Exhausted Mum.

Things started moving quickly, then rushed to theatre.

Spinal block.




Crazy blood loss.

Beautiful healthy baby boy.

Months of sickness not allowing healing.

Constant dehydration which depleted breast milk production.

Hungry unhappy baby.

Barely leaving the house because of distrust for my body.

Clostridium Difficile diagnosis 6 months post natal.

Multiple Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

Life perked up.


My pelvic floor.

My insane pelvic pain.

My periods.

The heaviness.

Never got better.


Then, two elective cesareans.

With much better recoveries.

But I still had ongoing pelvic issues. 

That was getting worse with each month.


Turns out that I have endometriosis!

Friends of mine have had it, but I didn’t even really know what it was!

It hadn’t been picked up over the years with me.

Mainly because I never really complained about it.

I had symptoms before having our children.


But I NEVER talked about periods or vaginas and certainly wouldn’t have said anything that would result in a doctor saying they wanted to have a look in there! 🙈


And on the 21st of January 2021 I had a hysterectomy!


The recovery isn’t zippy fast and has taken all of my patience. 

But I am almost 8 weeks post op now and genuinely thriving already. 

Suggestions of things that used to strike fear in my heart like

  • Trampolines.
  • Running.
  • Being far away from a toilet. 
  • Carrying my children for long periods of time.

Don’t seem scary anymore. 


Obviously my outcome was the highest extreme.

But if you have any symptoms like

  • Pelvic pain/heaviness.
  • Irregular bleeding.
  • Painful periods.
  • Leakage.
  • Pain during sex.
  • Digestive issues.

I urge you all to get a check done. 

It is a sensitive subject, I know and I understand.


But, be brave.


Talk to your doctor. 

Get the referral.

See what is going on in there.

Life gets better! ❤️


There are all kinds of things they can do to support you and help change things for you. 

And you can change other women’s lives by talking about it and telling the stigma to piss off!


Much love everyone,


❤️ Daz


For more information about Endometriosis please go and visit Endometriosis New Zealand here