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Mission = Making healthier food choices

So, outloud a few weeks ago I said I was going to sort my daytime eating out.

When I say out loud, I said it in front of the epic team of humans I work with each day. 

Two of them are always organised and eat delicious, nutritious meals that put my honest toast on the run to utter shame.

They always make great choices.

Me: chocolate anyone?

Them: No thanks

Me: 👌 (can’t talk mouth full of treats)

One of our team is in the same boat as me. 

We have every excuse for why our daytime eating is so poor.

But at the end of the day.

There is no excuse!

Damn it!

And I have not only said it out loud, but I asked our Collective Upside community for their ideas and support too to keep me accountable. 

I really had my shit together.

For about a week.

Salad and chicken wraps.

Homemade bliss balls loaded with goodness.

Crackers with healthy toppings.

I was smashing it.



And only for a week.

Then that ‘thing’ happened.

The horse ran away with the wagon and I sat in the dust eating my honey toast.

Armed with my excuses at the ready to defend my actions.

One of those excuses being “I fell off the wagon and the horse literally ran away with it!”

Another being “I’m dairy intolerant, meal prep can be hard”.

I know.

I know.

I am disappointed in myself.

So to anyone needing the proverbial kick up the ass around good eating.

Here it is.

From your partner in crime.

The first to tell people to put down energy drinks.

And the first to pick up not great food on the run.

We can bloody do this.

You can bloody do this.

I have said it before.

There is blatantly no wagon to fall off.

The excuses of having to wait till Monday to start. 

Or to wait to try again on the first of January.  

They have all been thrown out with the bath water.

Damn it!!


It’s time to not shy away from prioritising yourself.

Don’t build an elaborate range of excuses to fall back on.

Don’t set a date in the future to make the change.

It’s your time.

Our time.


You need to show up for yourself. 

I need to show up for myself. 


So, my quick and easy strategies that I am going to put in place are:

  1. Not accepting the lies I tell myself that I only have time to make honey toast (total BS).
  2. Chop up salady munchies to have pre-prepared in the fridge to pop on a wrap.
  3. Increase my fruit intake (need to find juicy juicy crunchy red apples… not floury… or bruised… or soft...)
  4. Have hummus and dairy free cheese in the fridge to lather on my crackers for snacks



❤️ Daz