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Benefits of our workouts

“I don’t want to exercise today”

“I can’t be bothered exercising today”

“I’ve got too much on to exercise today”

“I’ll do it tomorrow when I have more time”


Bull shit,

Bull shit, 

Bull shit!


We’ve all done it.

More than once.

We know it is good for us.

Yet, we just shuffle it down the priority list.

Deep deep down into our too hard basket.

Because it's the easy thing to do.


Getting changed into activewear - hard

Getting children sorted - hard

Having to wash your hair afterwards - hard

There might be some burpees - hard

Winning the internal battle with your brain - too hard


And then where are you? 

You are fighting a constant battle where you are mad at yourself for not doing anything.

For not achieving your goals to feel better.


So, I wanted to talk to you about the exercises we have at Hey Mama.

To introduce you to them and let you know why you should try to get to know them a bit better.

Not immediately judging the book by its cover (cough cough... Tinder).

And understanding that these guys:


Yoga; and

HIIT (sweet rhyme there 😏)

Are here for your benefit!

So that we can take some of the dread or avoidance out of you getting active with your friends.



Where do we start?!

Well, I tell you what (and I want you to imagine Forest Gump saying this next part)

‘Those buttocks of yours are going to be grateful you met Sonia and Braidy from Progressive Pilates!’

Not to mention your abdominals, lower back and hips meeting new levels of strength and tone!

A wee backstory for you here is that I am a netballer from WAY BACK and my flexibility was basically non-existent from all the injuries I have had over the years (we won’t dive into just how many years that is right now) - but the flexibility you gain is out of this world and it has been super nice to be able to touch my toes again without groaning! 

Not to mention that it is great for your whole body, supports great posture, increases your awareness of your body and is especially epic for your pelvic floor (honestly, from someone with a terrible pelvic floor after having three babies, hand on heart it is true!)



Now, I have to be honest and say I am not the best at doing ‘slower’ forms of exercise.

But shoot, I am officially converted!! 

Enrich Yoga with Olivia is so bloody awesome!

I kid you not, when I say she has the voice of a yoga angel! 

Like Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast, very gentle and nurturing.

Olivia is so calming but also really engaging.  

Now without repeating myself, as you already know I am stoked to be able to touch my toes again, so I won’t talk about the flexibility benefits - but there are lots more like cardio health, supporting your metabolism, circulatory health and as with Pilates strengthening, toning and improving your breathing technique (see Sonia’s “To breathe or not to breathe” blog for more) and in this crazy time that is 2020 - it genuinely supports calmness, focus and the ability to reset when you are feeling overwhelmed.     



I know, I know.

Most people run screaming with dread at the thought of it and will do almost anything to avoid it.  

It’s hard!

I am the first to admit that attempting to do High Intensity alone, means the excuses generally win and I end up “doing it tomorrow”.

High Intensity is like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh - the friend that goes 100% and can be really overwhelming!

But, for three years I have been training our ladies and I feel qualified enough to tell you that when you do High Intensity with people you love spending time with, who you know will make you smile and feel better, it means you’ll look forward to the workout and the time you will spend with them. 

And even if in the pit of your stomach you still have dread of doing it, you show up, because your crew are going to show up for you.

The time flies and you are proud of yourself afterwards that you did it! 

Benefits of HIIT, cripes, there are plenty - it is super efficient, it is challenging, it improves your aerobic capacity and builds a healthy heart. There are low impact and no equipment options in all our videos to support all abilities.


Over the last three years, to name a few, we have seen women come off Type II Diabetes medication, decreased compartment syndrome symptoms, increased circulation, healthy weight loss and a huge increase in positive mental health.  



Now, all of the above workouts are bloody great energisers, can be done anywhere, don’t need much or any equipment and are going to make you feel amazeballs.  

But, best of all, you get to do them all in the comfort of your own home, whenever it suits you and you can still be with your favourite humans wherever they are in the world too! 

So I guess the ‘head fake’ here is that you think the primary piece of this puzzle is that we are getting you to exercise more to improve your physical wellness and get all the benefits I have talked about above.

And yes, all of that is fricken awesome.

But actually,

We are using exercise as a tool to improve your mental wellness.

Because, by spending time with people you care about.

Not only is your entire ecosystem going to thrive. 

Not only is your soul going to be filled with all the good feels. 

But your resilience to lean in to the “hard” stuff (like dealing with the curve balls 2020 continues to throw at you) will get stronger and harder to infiltrate. 


Take care out there, give one of our workouts a go with some humans you think are choice and see how great you feel afterwards ♥︎

Head Fake definition: "The best way to teach somebody something is to have them think they’re learning something else" (Randy Pausch) 

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