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If nothing changes, nothing changes

I said at the time when I wrote the “I get by with a little help from my friends” blog that Ronan and the Boyzone clan may have created an earworm that would inspire my next blog, and blow me down, here we are. 

No matter what.


It is a bold statement.


And often as women we don’t make such striking statements out loud.


Because then, if we confidently say we are going after something and then don’t achieve it, we feel embarrassed. 

We feel people would think we were too ‘cocky’.

We feel that puts a spotlight on us that we HAVE to do it. 

We feel we put too much pressure on ourselves.

And often we feel that our comfort zone is where we are meant to be. 


But honestly, if nothing changes, nothing changes.


There isn’t a truer statement.


Inaction will deliver nothing for you.

Zero results.

Zero good feels.

Zero movement.

Zero sense of achievement.


Hey Mama Movement’s entire vision is to make every single day better for women.

Nothing less.

The ad on TV when I was growing up in the 90’s always told me “You’re Worth It”.

And I fricken believe that with my whole heart. 

You matter to me.

No matter what!


Hence why I am out here on my limb, building a safe, connected, accountable and fun wellness platform, for you! 

So that, no matter what, you have a place that you belong.

A place you can share life’s joys and challenges with the people you love.

A place where you can sweat, laugh, cry and build your resilience! 

A place you are proud to be part of.

Nothing to be embarrassed about right? 


We partnered with the Sport Waikato team early in the peace of our online development because they founded the This Is ME initiative and shivers our stars align!

Neither of us care about how you move, what you are wearing when you are moving, if you puff or go red or if your hair resembles a birds nest that’s been run over 5 times!


We just care that you are moving.

We are proud you are moving. 

We love the fact that you are moving.

And we love when you encourage and motivate someone else to get moving too!

You are making the change! 🙌


So, by deciding to take Hey Mama Movement online to support as many women as we could, I had a really clear rule book on the partners we would engage with to help us achieve our vision.


Top of the list was:

No matter what, they genuinely care about people.

It meant that their vision, values and purpose: 

  1. Aligned with us; and
  2. Was clear in their actions, their voice and in what they put out into the world.


Words are easy right?!

You just write them down with your team then all agree that being kind, caring, inclusive and sustainable would be great.

Print it out.

Stick it around the place.

And Bob’s your Uncle (NZ slang for ‘there you have it’)

You are now kind, caring, inclusive and sustainable, right?!

It’s on the wall so it must be true!



Not even close.

Good intentions are inactive.

Backing up words with actions ‘no matter what’?!

That is WAY harder.

So, before I engage with companies I read everything I can about them.

Their history.

Their founding statements.

Their vision, purpose and values. 

Then when we meet I look to see those words in action.

Do they back it up no matter what?

If they are ‘inspiring’, have our email interactions made me feel inspired?

If they are ‘kind’, have they been kind in our conversations? 


Well, the This is ME crew live their words and I enthusiastically high five each of them (when social distancing is no longer a blocker) for what they are building and the difference they are making for women! ❤️


Persisting and being unwavering no matter what, when the ‘easy’ option is put on a plate in front of you.

Making good choices that are not the simple option or time saving.

That is where the pivot comes and things start to change.  

When the rubber hits the road, your actions tell the story.


A great example of this is our partnership with Asics

It is a company founded on the vision of ‘a sound mind in a sound body’.  

In all our communications from the outset to now this vision has been clear. 

Their people are focused on ensuring that no matter what, it is not just about the physical, but the mind is critical too.

That all humans matter, from all ages, abilities and backgrounds. 

I am proud to be their partner and thank them for seeing the potential in us to support them to drive their vision.     


We have other awesome partners too like MYOB, Citta, Enlighten Designs, Will & Able, AWWA and the Waikato Bay of Plenty Netball Zone - all of whom we are beyond grateful for.

All of whom have stood with us excited about what Hey Mama Movement can do for women and their ecosystems around the world.

All of whom have asked for nothing in return from our partnership, which in this day and age is something to be admired and celebrated. 

All of whom, no matter what, see you, believe in our vision to make every single day better for you and want you to succeed.


Thank you all and I can ‘t wait to see what we can achieve together ❤️


So, you know it right?!

If nothing changes, nothing changes (reality can really bite sometimes).

And the easy thing to do now would be to pretend you never read this blog, right?

Well, you read it, I know you did, I see you remember! 

So it’s time for you to decide what your ‘no matter what’ is going to be.

Then rope a friend in with you so your accountability and motivation is taken care of. 


And remember, how ever you choose to move, be bloody proud of yourself every single time for getting in there and trying! ✌️

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