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I See You - The story of why Hey Mama Movement began

I see you. 

Lady, I not only see you, but I feel where you’re at.

There are so many feelings that surge through us everyday, at every stage of our lives, with each challenge we face, with each smile we share - it’s not easy and you are not alone.  

Where have I been? 

  • Working 50-60 hour weeks - feeling purposeful and ‘busy’
  • Stay at home mum of one - feeling lost, full of love, isolated and unconfident
  • Working mum - feeling guilty and torn
  • Stay at home mum of two - feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated and yuck
  • Working mum of two - feeling supported, connected and positive
  • Working mum of three - feeling driven, motivated and confident 

When I am down. 

I don’t want to be there. 

I imagine you don’t want to be there either, right?!

But, happy doesn’t just come from nowhere, and definitely not from relying on others to magically make us happy.


If you look closely at the list above, working Mum of two and working Mum of three is a woman who has a smile that beams with true joy.

A stark contrast to the description above them.

They detail a woman who meets many daily challenges just like every other woman, but she has developed resilience to not back away from things that seem too hard.

To not allow the challenge to overwhelm or consume her, but to navigate the path forward.  


What happened? 

What was the catalyst for change?  

I understand myself a lot more now in my “old” age and I know that I need people to be accountable to.  

Not just any people.

Great people.

My people.

For me, trying to go it alone is a proven recipe for the excuses and problems to brew.  



That was my turning point.

After the birth of my second child Maclaren. 

I was down.

Deep down.

Not moving was my new normal, along with scoffing A LOT of chocolate on the daily and feeling like absolute crap both physically and mentally. 


Why was this happening?

Gosh, I asked myself that a lot.


Why did I feel like this? 

I was all kinds of mean to myself in my internal chat.

(I am sure in future blogs we will dig into this much deeper).


After ‘gentle’ suggestions from my husband Chris, I invited some friends to workout with me in my garage.

Six said yes!


I was well under prepared for that! 

So after a quick trip to Kmart to stock up on weights and mats, we were up and running!

(Not literally. We don’t run. WAY too many pelvic floor troubles for that!).


My garage soon became known as the Hey Mama Training Studio.

(It was also a haven for some deep and hilarious discussions between women that would make most men highly uncomfortable!)


After three short months, those six women turned into 120 women and the waiting list was out of control!  


I was turning so many women away.

Letting them down didn’t sit well with me.

How could I do that to them?

It is so hard to put your hand up to say, ‘I need to make a change, I need to get moving, today’.

And then not be able to. 

I could see each of those women.

I would imagine their stories.

The idea for the Hey Mama Movement online platform was developed purely to help more women.

To make exercise flexible, safe, connected, accountable and fun.


So, as we kick off this next journey to support more women to access flexible, safe, connected, accountable and fun exercise.

Please know something.

I see you.

On whatever path you are on.

Whatever stage you are at.

I see you.

Your world revolves around you lady.

When you are ‘up’, you partner, family, colleagues, friends, everyone around you are up too.

And when you are low, so are they.


Don’t get me wrong, it remains a daily challenge to move my ass, it is not easy and I’ll never say that it is!! 

But, I can promise you, that exercising with your friends is fricken amazing!

You turn up for them, because they turn up for you.

Your soul gets refreshed with a tonic you can’t buy.

Your smile is full.

Your day is better.

Your energy levels are replenished.  

You're supporting each other to have better days.

They see you.

And you see them.

And sometimes, that is all we need to have a better day.

A special note to the Hey Mama “OG’s” from 2017 to now: 

You were and continue to be my motivators to keep me moving and I hope my witty, mostly inappropriate chat has motivated you right back to turn up for the next workout to see what I will come out with next!  I am so grateful for each of you always having each other's backs and mine, it makes me so proud and reminds me daily that I was Client Number One for Hey Mama Movement and you all helped me to connect, move consistently, have fun and keep going! 

You helped me find my purpose.

I will always be focused on each lady who joins us on their journey and NEVER forget you! ❤️

Hey Mama workout at home