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‘Break’ the ‘Fast'

Most of us have probably all grown up being told "You need to eat breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day!" For us mum’s out there, we’re probably all telling our kids that too as we battle the morning routine.


It’s also one of the meals that a big number of people skip with reasons ranging from “I don’t feel hungry in the morning” to “I don’t have time.”


But breakfast is an important meal to have.  As the name suggests it’s ‘breaking’ the ‘fast’ from the night before and it helps to set us up for the day and fuel our brains.  Skipping breakfast can lead to more irregular meals throughout the day and sometimes poorer food choices.


When choosing a breakfast option you want to go for something that ticks the boxes with protein and carbohydrates (including fibre) as well as some fat.   Here are some quick and easy ideas to get you started:



Try to choose a bread with at least 5g of fibre per 100g of food.  This is an easy option that you can pop in the toaster, finish getting everyone buckled into the car, slap a spread on it and eat in the car.  Peanut butter is a great option as it contains good fats and protein or go for marmite and cheese or avocado. 



This is great for those who don’t feel hungry in the morning.  Choose a milk or milk alternative base, add in some fruit and/or vegetables, blend it up and you’re done.  You can add extra bits such as peanut butter, oats, honey, maple syrup, yoghurt, or cinnamon to add some extra goodness in there.



Couple of options here, if you’re really time poor, try overnight oats and get them ready the night before (or do a week at a time).  

Pop your oats into a container along with your choice of milk (you can add some berries, grated apple or dried fruit for some extra flavour) and leave covered in the fridge overnight.  Literally as easy as grabbing them as you’re rushing out the door and you can enjoy them once you get to work.  

If you do have a bit more time, try porridge.  The sachet quick oat options are nice and fast although can have extra sugar in them as most are flavoured and more processed than rolled or wholegrain oats (something to be mindful of).  


Muesli or Cereal 

Grab your favourite cereal (be mindful of the sugar and try to choose one that’s high in fibre), choice of milk and/or yoghurt and some fruit and you’re good to go.  If you’re out the door early you could try keeping a box of cereal at work and having breakfast once you get there.  


Yoghurt with fruit and/or nuts and seeds

Something not quite as filling as muesli but still nutritious and tasty.  Choose a yoghurt that has less than 10g of sugar per 100g of food.  Greek yoghurt is a great option due to the higher protein content.


Eggs (your way) on toast

If you’ve got a bit more time in the morning eggs on toast is a great filling breakfast to get your day started.  


There are so many more alternatives you can have for breakfast and remember, breakfast doesn’t need to be kept to traditional breakfast foods, and you really can have whatever you please!


- Sarah

‘Break’ the ‘Fast'