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An Invitation to Strengthen your Body-Mind Connection

Hey Mama,


Are you feeling disconnected with your own body?


Lord knows I have been there, where your relationship with your own body is non-existent, or one of tiredness, pain and resignation.


Maybe it's because after childbirth we are left feeling weak from all the stretching and depletion, so we push that part of us out of our mind and focus instead on our new bundle of love and joy that we cradle in our arms everyday.  For some, the reality could even be that this bundle brings more tension and stress.  Or maybe we disconnect because so many parts of us hurt for a while, after carrying and delivering another small human into the world.


Whatever the reason, I have been there with you and I would like to help you to find your beautiful, strong and healthy body again.


You may wonder, 'what exactly is the point in connecting consciously with your body?' Because, my love, this positive connection gives you energy, peace and calm.  For some it simply gives a sense of okay-ness, for others it gives a core-felt happiness.


Because as we grow into more experienced yogis our body-mind connection is such that our body begins to talk to us, and tell us how we need to move in order to be well, strong and pain-free.  Just like a delicious morning stretch, your body infinitely knows how you need to move to open up those elusive golden gates of energy, and along with it a sense of joy, peace and well-being.  Once we establish connection, we then learn to listen.


If this all feels out of reach or a little floaty for you, know that you don't have to understand it all at once.  Your knowledge and intuition will grow by simply committing to a regular yoga practice and each week taking some micro-me time to have a cup of cacao and read these weekly blogs, as these will increase your knowledge of why yoga works.


So come and place your feet on the mat.  Invite a friend to join you, and together be guided through movement and breath-work that will bring you home to a healthy, happy body and mind. 


- Olivia

An Invitation to Strengthen your Body-Mind Connection