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  • An Invitation to Strengthen your Body-Mind Connection

    An Invitation to Strengthen your Body-Mind Connection

    Feeling disconnected with your own body? Strengthening the Body-Mind Connection through Yoga is a beautiful way to find your strong, healthy body again.
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  • Enrich Yoga Hey Mama Movement HIIT Progressive Pilates

    Benefits of our workouts

    Meet Pilates, Yoga and HIIT along with their amazing benefits for you both physically and mentally and how working out with your friends and family builds your resilience to lean in to the “hard” stuff (like dealing with the curve balls 2020 continues to throw at you) to be stronger and harder to infiltrate.
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  • Perfect Posture? There’s no such thing.

    Perfect Posture? There’s no such thing!

    Your best posture is your next one - meaning that movement and change are key. Here are some ways to move a bit more - even if you can’t get up from your chair!
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  • Connecting the 'Breath' with our Pelvic Floor and Core - a simple exercise.

    Connecting the 'Breath' with our Pelvic Floor and Core - an exercise to try.

    Pilates and Breathing go hand in hand. Let's connect the 'breath' with our Pelvic Floor and Core muscles using a simple exercise to wake them up!
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  • Daz talking about lack of time and busy

    If the "ideal day" alludes you, read this! ❤️

    Your cup is going to be filled with resilience, confidence, joy and your ecosystem around you is going to thrive when you exercise and do it with friends. 🙂
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  • Hey Mama Lasagne Recipe

    Hearty Lasagne Recipe

    Lasagne is a great meals that usually does a couple of night’s dinner or enough for some leftovers for lunch.  We love to use lasagne as a great way to get some extra vegetables in for the whole family and use up any left overs in the fridge.
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  • Foods for immunity and tips for wellness

    There are no super foods that will boost your immune system or magic supplements to take, despite all the ads that have started to flood the airways with winter ills knocking at the door! There are however a few things we can do to support our immune system and keep us fighting fit! These things also happen to fall into the category of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.
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  • I get by with a little help from my "bloody amazing, unwavering" friends

    Lonely, alone, isolated - sometimes we do need the space to think, to digest and to figure stuff out. But the key is not letting your mind tell you that state of lonely is permanent and trusting that when you need them, your friends and family are always there for you.
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  • Hey Mama Movement Chicken Noodle Stirfry

    Hey Mama Easy Chicken Noodle Stir Fry

    It’s super versatile, use beef or pork in place of chicken or tofu for a vegetarian version.  Any type of noodle will work or you can serve it over rice if that’s all you have.
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  • Happy Healthy Wrists

    Combine motherhood and yoga and you have the perfect storm for repetitive strain on your hands and wrists (not to mention other areas of your body!).  From Olivia's heart to yours, she shares everything she knows for a long, happy, healthy wrist life.  Maybe the fellas would like this one too? Especially during the new-born phase 😉
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