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    BARRE Trainer
  • Snacks for Hungry Kids

    Snacks for Hungry Kids

    Make snack time an opportunity to get some extra fuel and nutrients in to your kids between meals with these ideas from Dietician Sarah.
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  • My Ode to the Awesome Doers in My World

    Attributes and strengths of five amazing New Zealand women who have influenced the world and who have influenced me to not stand by and let the world be something I don’t want it to be. They are the awesome doers, who get up, stand up, kick it in the ass, smash it out the gate and disrupt accepted normals while being relentlessly optimistic and resilient.
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  • Squat Like A Mama!

    Technique Talk: Squat Like a Mama! 

    We are not small men… so don’t expect to move or squat like a bloke! Physio Amanda shares tips to help you find your own best squat form - and Squat Like a Mama!
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  • Healthy Shoulders in Downward Dog and Inversions

    Healthy Shoulders in Downward Dog and Inversions

    Sore Shoulders? Let’s take a look at this incredible joint with Olivia from Enrich Yoga, including why we might feel pain in this area and ways to nurture healthy shoulders in yoga.
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  • Pilates Man

    Men and Pilates – a great match!

    More and more males are finding their way into the Progressive Pilates studio than ever before. Why? Because Pilates is good for men! Read on to find out why.
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  • Father's Day Brunch Idea

    Corn Fritter Recipe - Father's Day Brunch Idea

    This is a great weekend brunch or lunch idea, perfect for the upcoming Father's Day! It's also a great way to get a serve of vege in for adults and kids alike.
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  • Hey Mama Movement blog

    If nothing changes, nothing changes

    If nothing changes, nothing changes (reality can really bite sometimes). And the easy thing to do now would be to pretend you never read this blog, right? Well, you read it, I know you did, I see you!  So it’s time for you to decide what your ‘no matter what’ is going to be. Then rope a friend in with you so your accountability and motivation is taken care of.
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  • Weight loss

    Ditch fad diets and try this instead!

    Dietician Sarah explains the problem with fad diets and offers a manageable approach to achieve lasting improvements to your diet for better health and wellbeing.
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  • An Invitation to Strengthen your Body-Mind Connection

    An Invitation to Strengthen your Body-Mind Connection

    Feeling disconnected with your own body? Strengthening the Body-Mind Connection through Yoga is a beautiful way to find your strong, healthy body again.
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  • Enrich Yoga Hey Mama Movement HIIT Progressive Pilates

    Benefits of our workouts

    Meet Pilates, Yoga and HIIT along with their amazing benefits for you both physically and mentally and how working out with your friends and family builds your resilience to lean in to the “hard” stuff (like dealing with the curve balls 2020 continues to throw at you) to be stronger and harder to infiltrate.
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