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  • Collective Upside Resolutions

    If you want cake, bloody eat it! ❤️

    More often than not our New Year's Resolutions are the ONE thing we don’t stay committed to. And all the fitness and wellness companies around the place know that. They know it is the perfect time to pounce.
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  • Our Incredible Fascial Network and Yin Yoga

    Our Fascinating Fascia is the topic today! Olivia from Enrich Yoga explains the amazing aspects of this tissue and how Yoga helps with keeping Fascia healthy in our body through slow and controlled movements.
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  • Eating During the Silly Season

    Are you in need of some tips and tricks for eating during this festive season? Sarah discusses some ways to navigate the family potluck, the Christmas day grazes, and different beverage options to have a healthy balance over this festive season whilst still enjoying time with our families!
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  • Deep Hip Flexors: The Mind Body Connection

    Psoas might not be a commonly known muscle in the lower back, but in terms of lower back pain, it is a critical muscle that we need to release pressure from! Olivia from Enrich Yoga discusses how we can limit this pain by focusing on our flow and body connection through breathing and Yoga poses!
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  • The Humble Shoulder

    How are you feeling today? Let your shoulders tell the story... Our shoulders can be responsible for many things, and our perceived feeling can be one of them! Learn about the structure, stability, and muscles of the shoulder and how our posture interacts with the way we live and feel!
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  • My Top Tip for a Healthy Energising Backbend

    In this blog we discuss how you can move into the Backbend movement safely and smoothly when practicing Yoga. Olivia discusses the key technique tips to keep in mind when moving through poses and the muscles that you need to engage to get the most out of your experience.
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  • What is Healthy Eating?

    Do you need a Nutrition 101 run down? Want to understand what you're eating more? Sarah has got all you need to know about how to balance 'Healthy Eating' into our lifestyles! Let's talk all things Energy, Fats, Protein, Carbs, Sugars, and more to help you grow your food knowledge!
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  • Macaroni Cheese

    Wanting to spice up your normal Mac 'n' Cheese recipe? Our in-house dietitian Sarah gives us her take on the dish, an oldie but a goldie, this recipe has everything you're after for a delicious dinner! Packed with veggies, and there's always plenty for lunch the next day - a must for your dinner menu!
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  • Weaving yoga into the fabric of Motherhood

    Need somewhere to start with Yoga, and would like some tips on how to integrate it into your daily routine! Our Yoga master Olivia has you covered! With techniques tips for two key moves in Yoga, as well as some helpful mantras to weave into your Yoga practice, or to set the theme for your day!
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  • What are the benefits of Pilates for Runners?

    Are you a runner, and have thought of adding Pilates into your training? There are many benefits for incorporating both, we have covered these for you!
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