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  • Pilates for Fall Prevention

    Ever had trouble with balance? This week we hear about how important it is to activate the right muscles particularly the glutes when we are walking and how doing this can help our ability to be balanced and keep strong!
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  • Connecting to our Inner Warrior

    This week Olivia tells us the story behind the pose Viparita Virabhadrasana (Reverse Warrior), how it can help us connect deeper physically and spiritually with our inner warrior! Which is a symbol of strength, power and of our higher self who is ready to go to battle to slay the ego within us.
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  • Don’t let your workout be a pain in the neck!

    Neck and upper back pain is becoming more and more common, especially with the rise of technology in our lives! Often we are hunched over and this increases the load on the muscles surrounding the neck! This week Sonia and Braidy provide us with their tips to help reduce neck pain in exercise and in our everyday lives!
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  • Eating Together

    Eating together as a family might not look the same each day, but it's the importance of that family time, coming together and regrouping. Whether it's a funny moment from the day, or the kids not wanting to eat their greens, these are the moments that make this time together invaluable. This week Sarah talks us through the benefits there are when we eat together as a family and why we should be making this a priority.
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  • Mission = Making healthier food choices

    We all have those days where our eating isn't the best- I TOTALLY get it, I love a good treat and it's all about balance! But, from now on I am trying to fuel my tank with the best-balanced goodness that I can and I have put in place 4 strategies to help me find this balance better! If your waiting for a sign to do this too, this is it! Let me know your strategies, tips, or tricks and let's get this balance right together!
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  • The Power of Savasana

    Sometimes we might just need to take a break and recenter ourselves. Olivia talks about how Savasana helps us with our mindfulness, relaxation, and wellness.
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  • Pizza

    Pizza is ALWAYS a favourite and it's an added bonus that the kids can help make it! You can keep it plain or add the whole works! Sarah our Dietitian talks us through this trusty favourite, gives us her recipe for making your own dough, as well as some topping suggestions!
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  • Pilates for the Elderly

    Pilates is for everyone! Whether your young or have many years of life experience, Pilates is always a good way to keep mobile! This week Sonia and Braidy talk us through the benefits Pilates has for keeping us mobile throughout our years to improve balance and stability, so we are able to move the way we wish to!
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  • My Journey with Endometriosis 💛

    Did you know that 1 in 10 women and girls in New Zealand are affected by Endometriosis?! I am one of those women, and this is my journey!
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  • Seeing the full beauty of a pose

    Finding your flow when moving through Yoga poses can be super fulfilling! To help you with this Olivia talks us through some simple ques to use to help you find your flow!
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